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Our surgical accessories are the most preferred choice for the surgeons and medical professionals to avoid transmissions of pathogens. We design and develop products based on global needs and response, with an assurance of specifications which matches the highest quality standards and ensure comfortable draping.

Boot Leggings

Boot leggings meant to protect health care team from the spread of infections during the time of surgical procedures.

  • Large & wide boot leggings to sufficiently cover Surgeon / OR Staff feet
  • Made of medical grade fabric
  • Comfort and virtually lint-free
  • Advanced technology provides best combination of protection and comfortable draping
  • Optimal folding for aseptic application
  • EO sterilized as per internationally acknowledged ISO 11135 standards, using medical grade packaging material that meets ISO 11607-1 and EN 868-5 requirements
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    Size Guide

    Product Code Widthin cm Lengthin cm Carton Packing
    IPBL104080100 pairs