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Things you need to know about surgical gowns

Today, various surgical gowns, from normal to premium gowns like soft, comfortable, ultimate breathable gowns available in the market. Therefore, if you plan to buy, try to find the best surgical gown manufacturers in India. Although most people are looking for the comfortable surgical gowns, it is also important to check the protection level of the surgical gown. Surgical gowns always play an essential role during the time of surgery. It helps to protect doctors and nurses from any kind of infections.

Key concerns to consider during the time of purchasing
  • Barrier properly against microorganisms is one of the basic and primary characteristic.
  • When selecting products, you need to make sure that the garment needs to be soft, lint free and breathable.
  • Another things to consider are resistance of liquids, abrasion and tearing.
  • Check the AAMI standards of the gown because the classification stems from four level of barrier performance.
  • Check the fabric of the gown because gown needs to be comfortable and breathable.
Objectives of surgical gown
  • Surgical gown plays an important role to reduce the transfer of microorganisms in the operating room.
  • After maintaining hygiene rules and sterilization procedures, doctors and nurses should wear surgical gowns and other medical apparel to avoid infections.
  • Another important objective of surgical gowns is to protect the surgical staff from urine, blood, other chemicals or bodily fluids during surgical procedures.
  • During surgery, the doctor and other OT staff are required to wear protective barriers to ensure that bacteria or pathogens do not contaminate the air. To ensure your safety, buy surgical gowns from a reputed surgical gown manufacturer in Bangalore.
Why choose Amaryllis Healthcare?

We develop and design surgical gowns based on global needs, and as per the highest quality standards. Comfort levels of our products is an essential aspect of our design process. Providing the best quality of products is important, and that has helped us to be one of the most preferred surgical gown manufacturer and supplier in India. Some of the main reasons for choosing Amaryllis Healthcare are mentioned below.

  • Our gown meets AAMI level 3 standards of barrier protection and prevents blood strike through and fluid contamination.
  • We provide SMS fabric gowns to make it comfortable and breathable
  • Our gowns provide high-level protection without compromising on quality and comfort. We design and develop products based on global needs and responses. We offer an exclusive range of surgical gowns to improve the healthcare system by reducing the chances of spreading infection.
  • Gowns are conveniently folded to attain 100% aseptic technique
  • We engage the medical fraternity to understand their needs and try to implement and provide the best solutions for end-user like Breathable, comfort and virtually lint-free and improve the overall patient experience.
  • We always ensure to provide the highest quality products, and deliver them efficiently on time at a reasonable price.
  • EO sterilized as per internationally acknowledged ISO 11135 standards, using medical grade packaging material that meets ISO 11607-1 and EN 868-5 requirement.

We understand the importance of providing uncompromised medical treatment to bring changes to the healthcare system. The trust we have built in the last decade, now going forward, will help us identify and resolve concerns of the healthcare system.

What Amaryllis healthcare can offer you?

As mentioned, we are offering a wide range of gowns, so here are some of them for your better understanding.

Reinforced gown: We offer reinforced gowns to protect the healthcare team from the spread of infection during the long duration surgery procedures. We use the highest quality material to provide extra comfort during the time of surgery. Because of our highest quality standard, we became one of the best Reinforced surgical gown manufacturers in India.

Breathable Viral Barrier (BVB) Gown: Our Breathable Viral Barrier Gown helps to protect you from deadly viruses like HIV, Hepatitis A, B, and C. We highly recommend this surgical gown for all of those surgical procedures being carried out on highly infected patients.

Isolation Gown: We recommend an isolation gown during the time of interaction between healthcare workers and patients. Our Isolation gowns are made to provide transmission-based precautions.

Apart from that, we have other gowns such as surgeon gown, patient gown, cathlab gown, etc. However, there are so many surgical gowns manufacturers in the market, but if you are looking for the best quality, then do your research before buying it. Buy the best quality product and bring changes into the healthcare system.

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Things you need to know about surgical gowns