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Our gowns are the most preferred choice for the surgeons and medical professionals to avoid transmissions of pathogens from doctors to patients and vice versa. We design and develop products based on global needs and response, with an assurance of specifications which matches the highest quality standards and comfort for users.


Amaryllis has developed a wide range of BVB gown to protect the healthcare team from the deadly viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C. etc. This gown is specially recommended for those surgical procedures being carried out on highly infected patients.

  • Made of BVB fabric, which meets AAMI Level 4 standards of barrier protection and prevents blood strike through & fluid contamination.
  • Ultrasonically sealed seams prevent strike through
  • Suitable for very long-duration surgeries
  • Soft, antistatic, breathable, comfort and virtually lint-free.
  • Gowns are conveniently folded to attain 100% aseptic technique.
  • EO sterilized as per internationally acknowledged ISO 11135 standards, using medical grade packaging material that meets ISO 11607-1 and EN 868-5 requirements


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XL-Extra Long

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Fluid risk level: Minimal
Best used for: Simple excisional biopsies, excision of lumps and bumps

Fluid risk level: Low
Best used for: Eye procedure, tonsillectomy, laparoscopy, thoracotomy

Fluid risk level: Moderate
Best used for: Upper extremity, ENT, hand, chest, cystoscopy, mastectomy

Fluid risk level: High
Best used for: C-section, total hip/knee replacement, knee arthroscopy

The gowns above are recommendations only. The longer a procedure, the more protection that may be needed.


Size Guide

Size Heightin cm Carton Packing
L12835 nos
XL13025 nos
XXL13520 nos
XL(Extra Long)15025 nos