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Our drapes are the most preferred choice for the surgeons and medical professionals to avoid transmissions of pathogens. We design and develop products based on global needs and response, with an assurance of specifications which matches the highest quality standards and ensure comfortable draping.

Sterilization Wrap Sheet

Sterilization Wrap Sheets are intended to allow sterilization of the enclosed medical device and also to maintain sterility of the enclosed device until its opened. Sterilization Wrap Sheet is designed with the latest generation SMS technology.

  • Superior microbial barrier protection
  • Strong and resistant to tears, so it's easy to wrap
  • High barrier & durability to maintain sterility
  • Easy wrapping & Unwrapping
  • Naturally low linting. Helps to maintain the integrity of the sterile packs and the surface is friendly to sterilization tape.
  • Prevents penetration of small droplets and particles


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Size Guide

Product Code Widthin cm Lengthin cm Carton Packing
IPWW43-5050501000 nos
IPWW43-6060601000 nos
IPWW43-757575250 nos
IPWW43-909090250 nos
IPWW43-100100100250 nos
IPWW43-120120120250 nos
IPWW43-150150150250 nos
IPWW43-16016020050 nos