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Our surgical accessories are the most preferred choice for the surgeons and medical professionals to avoid transmissions of pathogens. We design and develop products based on global needs and response, with an assurance of specifications which matches the highest quality standards and ensure comfortable draping.

Mortuary Cover

Mortuary cover used to enclose the deceased during transport from the hospital room to the mortuary.

  • Large & wide to sufficiently cover the deceased
  • Rectangular shape of the cover conceals the body, giving the illusion of a standard gurney while hiding the cadaver
  • Closed transparent poly window at head area
  • Holding strap belts for easy access
  • Allows for the discrete transport of a patient from the hospital room to the mortuary
  • Impervious, puncture resistant


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Size Guide

Product Code Widthin cm Lengthin cm Carton Packing
IPMA1016020025 nos